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All activity of Senior Forwarding® is based on valid contract, only, according to the Romanian and international law, complying with the applicable Civil Code, with the conventions and agreements regarding to the road freight transports (CMR Convention, TIR Convention, AETR, ADR etc.) as well as other related legal regulations. Any attempt of some potential partners to do business without valid contract shall be rejected.


The Contracts concluded by Senior Forwarding® with its business partners are based on the following principles

1. Reciprocity of parties' rights, obligations and liability.
2. Quality of services and legal frame complying.
3. Neutrality and confidentiality as against third parties. 
4. Mutual fidelity instead of unfair competition.
5. Adaptability with the market development and flexibility.


Senior Forwarding® concludes long-term contracts, valid for more than one transport that shall be done on basis of loading-orders that, if accepted, become addendum (annexe) of the applicable contract. The contractual clauses are complemented with the General Business Conditions (GBC) that is also annexe to the contract and can be considered adhesion contract in the meaning of the article 1175 of the Romanian Civil Code. Even if the nature of contract is of adhesion, the content of some clauses, as those regarding the amount of tariffs/prices, damages, deadlines etc., are subject of negotiation and may be modified by mutual agreement, according to the basic principles.

The validation of the contract and its annexes (GBC and transport-orders) is done by both parties signing and stamping within the time limit stipulated by the offer. The offer regarding the contract or/and its transport-orders becomes void if validation conditions, as provided by the Romanian Civil Code in Title II, Chapter I, 3rd Section, are not met.


The Transport-orders, issued on basis of the valid contract, must contain the following information, at least: 
• type and payload of the required vehicle; 
• loading place: name of the company, exact and full address, contact person etc.; 
• cargo description: name, quantity, gross weight, dimensions etc.;
• export and import customs office (international freight forwarding only);
• destination/delivery place: name of the company, exact and full address, contact person etc.;
• freight rate and conditions of payment;
• other instructions or terms, if necessary.


The invoices issued by the services suppliers shall be paid provided that they comply with the legal regulations and the contractual clauses. The conditions for payment acceptance of the invoices are mentioned in a separate page (available in Romanian language, only) dedicated to this topic.