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1. Brief history

Senior Forwarding SRL was established in February 1998 under the name of Transforwarding Romania SRL with 100% Dutch ownership. Starting with 2000, gradually, the ownership was shared between the Dutch and Romanian shareholders. The actual name is in force as per 24.07.2003, when the ownership became 100% Romanian. 

2. Activities

Senior Forwarding® is operating on the Romanian market as well as on the international market performing the following activities: 

• international road transport (normal as well as ADR cargo, groupage etc.)
• domestic road transport
• projects, heavy-lift and oversized transport
• overseas transport
• airfreight and rail transport
• warehousing


The first 3 activities are the main, the rest of them being fulfilled only in addition to the main activities or/and at its traditional clients' request.

3. Turnover and partners

Senior Forwarding® is doing ca. 500.000 euro turnover, as a result of more than 2000 shipments per year.


Its key-accounts are: Henkel Romania, Bergenbier, Coca-Cola HBC, Stentor Industries, Arnold Schwerlast etc.


Senior Forwarding® has reliable partners in several European countries, as follows: Poland, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Moldavian Republic etc. 

4. Posibilities and standards

Through its subcontractors , Senior Forwarding® has at its disposal a fleet of more than 300 trucks for national and international freight: normal 13,60 lm tilt trailers as well as box trailers, most of them ADR equipped, frigo-trailers, Jumbo and Mega-trailers, trailers for heavy-lift and oversized transports, as well as small trucks. All this fleet, assisted by the experience of the managing team, is for serving its clients at high standards. 

This is the meaning of Senior Forwarding® motto: “Our Experience is your Benefit”.


As per 2005, Senior Forwarding® became registered mark OSIM and implemented the system of the quality's management  SR EN ISO 9001.


The general frame of the business relationship with its clients as well as its subcontractors, is included in the General Business Conditions of Senior Forwarding® published on the website www.senior-forwarding.ro.


5. Politics and targets

Senior Forwarding® is doing responsible politics with all its partners, no matter the size or importance, showing the same respect for all of them and being on an impartial position between the clients and carriers. Through this attitude, Senior Forwarding® is protecting its partners' interests, either clients or carriers, as well as its own interests as neutral party.


Senior Forwarding® also adopted a comprehensive attitude with its partners that are facing difficult situations but, in the same time firmly with those who, by ill-meaning, are trying to jeopardy (in any way) its interests.


The well-balanced attitude of Senior Forwarding® is compatible with the AIKIDO spirit, one of the most oustanding form of the martial arts. In order to support and promote this noble spirit, Senior Forwarding® is sponsoring the Traditional Aikido Federation KIAI, as well as other martial arts organizations.