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Why Senior Forwarding® ?

Constantin Gangu - Administrator Senior Forwarding SRLSenior Forwarding SRL is a company that meets all the requirements imposed by the legal regulations, both domestically and internationally, and that satisfies the needs and requests of both its clients as well as those of its subcontractors. The firm was established in 1998 and ever since makes use of experienced personel, high quality infrastructure and finances that allow it to sign and fulfill in the best conditions its freight forwarding and transport agreements, regardless of the nature, size or weight of the goods.


Senior Forwarding® is a registered mark and has certification for ISO 9001 regarding the Quality Management System since 2005.


With a small number of employees Senior Forwarding® places itself on the top side of the charts made by the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises from Romania (CNIPMMR). As such, in 2011 our company placed on the following official ranks for the domain number 5229 (freight forwarding companies):


a) Global Performance in Business: - place 161 out of 633, on national level;
- place 68 out of 227, on regional level (Bucharest and Ilfov County).
b) Productivity: - place 102 out of 466, on national level;
- place 31 out of 146, on regional level (Bucharest and Ilfov County).
c) Turnover: - place 137 out of 482, on national level;
- place 79 out of 227, on regional level (Bucharest and Ilfov County).
d) Gross Profit: - place 135 out of 482, on national level;
- place 75 out of 227, on regional level (Bucharest and Ilfov County).


Unfortunately, we have not aquired any newer and updated official standings, but we are sure that the ranking should be higher in the present since our business evolution has improved on all indicators according to the RisCo Servicii Financiare SRL report published for the year 2013. From this report we can see that Senior Forwarding® has a very good financial rating (8,2 out of 10) and that the value of the company for the year 2014 is etimated at 1.263.732 €.


These are just a few of the arguments, not the only ones though, for which you may choose with conviction our services.


Senior Forwarding® activity is made on the base of a set of rules and principles which must be respected, in the same amount of measure, both by our company and by our business partners, as well. The only reason for which the question from the title of this page would be answered with a negative response, would be the unwillingnes to respect this rules and principles.


Constantin Gangu - Managing Director of Senior Forwarding SRL