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Organisation structure

In this section we resume the way in which the company is structured.


The company is managed by a Managing Director with full powers while its subordinates are structured in the following departments, as follows: Departments for Domestic and International Transport (DTN + DTE) and the Oversized Transport Department (DTA), Financial-Accountancy (FC), Human Resources (RU) and Quality Management (RMC), as well as more externalized activities.


The Domestic and International Transport Departments (DTN & DTE) are managed by an Operational Director, which is a subordinate of the Managing Director.

The other departments (DTA, FC, RU si RMC) are directly subordinated to the Managing Director.


The non-core activities (business consulting and website adminstration, financial audit, legal advice, legislation, internet and mobile provider, ISO external audit, IT maintenance & support, secretariat, cleaning and protection) are directly managed by the Managing Director, as well but, for a better efficiency, they are externalized.