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This section is structured on 3 subsections: LegislationIncidents & litigations and Black list.


Subsection Legislation includes summaries and reviews on national and international legislation governing the activity of transport of goods, as well as some decisions of courts regarding disputes in the transport sector and for fiscal issues, particularly those in which our company was involved. The solutions provided may be pertinent jurisprudence in similar disputes.

Subsection Incidents & litigations shows the most relevant incidents and / or litigations in which our company was involved, serving to allow those interested easier access, in conditions of transparency, to some disputes in the absence of clarification that could create controversy or misconception opinions on our decisions.


Subsection Black list includes non-resident companies that we don't wish to have business relationship anymore due to serious incidents caused by them or due to litigations that were, are or shall be subject of a lawsuit. There are also registered in the black list the companies that Senior Forwarding® don't wish to do business due to lack of trust caused by former experience or based on information collected from outside sources.


The right to reply of the parties involved in the published incidents or litigations, as well as those registered in the black list, can be done using the contact form.