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Customized transport
Our company is able to settle customized freight, according to our clients' requirement and specialization, from normal to special featured goods: perishable, dangerous or oversized. On our clients' request, the goods may be transported either door-to-door or in project 
Easy communication
Communication with business partners is facilitated by modern and complete infrastructure (fixed and mobile telephony, fax, e-mail and online) which provides with fast and interactive access to all necessary information.
Guarantee and safety

Senior Forwarding® is a brand that achieved its business partners' trust through the experience and professionalism of its employees, the quality of the services provided, as well as through the financial safety and stability of the company.

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Business development
The company's turnover in 2014 recorded an increase of almost 30% over the previous year and the current year evolution entitles us to believe that the trend will be maintained.

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What is a freight forwarding company?

The freight forwarding company represents a link in the economic cicle that ensures the movement of goods subject to trade from the point of origin to the destination in the best conditions and at the lowest possible costs, at the place and time stipulated by contract.

In the process of negotiation and conclusion of the contract, the forwarding company usually holds the following positions: Carrier (commissionary) in the forwarding contract concluded with the beneficiary and shipper in the relation with the subcontractor-carrier. After signing of both, the forwarding and the transport contract respectively, during the process of fulfilling the tasks of the contracts, the forwarder shall have a dual position: sender and carrier as well being a link-agent between the two main parties, the principal and the effective carrier.

As an intermediary, the forwarding company must show absolute neutrality and equally represent the interests of both parties within the limits of the law.

Why to apply for services of a freight forwarding company?

The freight forwarding company can not work without revenues. The income that secures its functioning is obtained either by commission or by the margin (between the amount charged from the client and the amount paid to the subcontractor) collected through its contracts.

Some voices, both clients and subcontractors, are denying the necessity to ask the forwarding companies for their services claiming that it's better to skip this link and, consequently, the margin might be held either by the client or by the effective carrier or even split between them. This idea might be correct provided that each party would have the logistic, organizational, financial and legal knowledge and capacity to satisfy their needs in better conditions of efficiency than by applying to an intermediary (see more ...).

Why Senior Forwarding®?

Senior Forwarding SRL is a company that meets all the requirements imposed by the legal regulations, both domestically and internationally, and that satisfies the needs and requests of both its clients as well as those of its subcontractors. The firm was established in 1998 (see more …).



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